Our finish line is Ending Hunger and Poverty

It's not about how fast you get there.
It's about the lives you change on the way.

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By joining Team Heifer, you'll be helping a mother pay school fees for her children, or a hardworking father provide food and medicine for his family. With every step you take, you're helping someone in need take a step towards self-reliance.

Team Heifer invites you to run, cycle, hike, swim, climb, or spin your way to our finish line of ending hunger and poverty.

Register today, start raising funds, and begin a cycle of positive change by helping others.

Why Join Team Heifer?

Your Fundraising Dollars at Work

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Well, it means that you are positioning yourself to change the world – one family, one community at a time – by inspiring the community you know to help a community you don’t. Heifer has already assisted 25 million families out of hunger and poverty, and with your help we can do more. You may not feel like you can do much on your own, but you are mighty when you join forces with others to do more than you could by yourself.

It’s easy! First, decide what you’d like to do. Maybe you have a birthday coming up, or you have a talent you want to lend, or maybe you just want to contribute something positive in the world. Whatever your motivation, just choose to do it. Secondly, create your page by clicking on ‘Create a Page’ in the campaign of your choice. Think of it as the place your passion and your network converge for good. Fill in some info - and voila! Your page is done.

You can add your very own headline, photo, personalized message about why you’re fundraising – and even add a video or some. And if you’re the type who likes to try new things, you can even use the fancy tools in the Personalize your Page section to change the color of the font, include web links, and add even more photos/videos in your story. All of this is done after logging in by clicking on ‘Manage’ on your ‘Profile’ page and then ‘Edit My Story/Edit My Team’ when you’re there.

If you and a group of some kind – social or civic club, Sunday School class, network of friends to name a few – have one fundraising goal and several individuals want to reach out to their friends and family to ask for donations, this would be a great opportunity to start a team. Each individual would then join the team as a fundraiser and create their own fundraising page. And – best of all - everything that is raised in each individual fundraising pages will automatically ladder up to the team goal.

It's easier than ever to raise funds for Heifer in someone's honor. It starts with setting up your own fundraising page. If you want to donate your birthday to Heifer, you can ask people to donate to your campaign instead of giving gifts. Honor the memory of a loved one by asking for donations in lieu of flowers. And you can inspire your congregation to give hope by setting up a page and sharing it with them.

This largely depends on what type of campaign you are fundraising for. Some of our campaigns have a targeted end date and as soon as it is reached the campaign becomes inactive. However, it is still possible to receive donations through your fundraising page. If you had a specific designation for funds raised during the campaign, donations made after the end date will go where they are needed most.
If you create a page in a campaign with no end date (Birthdays, Get Creative, Memorials, and Faith Communities for Change for instance) then you will be able to determine how long you’d like your fundraising page to stay active. In fundraising psychology, there is typically more momentum if your fundraising goal is achievable and the gap between when you begin fundraising and would like to reach your goal is within the two – three month range.

Promoting is super easy, and it can all be done directly through your fundraising page! Once logged in, you can send a default email we’ve provided for you or one you create directly to your contacts. You can also post to Facebook and Twitter in two clicks. All of this can be accessed on the ‘Share’ toolbar after clicking on ‘Edit My Page’.

Another great way to share your fundraising news is word of mouth. It’s amazing how people will support something they know is near and dear to your heart, even if they have no personal connection.

Great question! We’ve inserted a default goal of $250 for every fundraising page and $1000 for every team page (which fundraising pages are connected to if this option is selected). Basic reason is that each seems achievable for most and is something to celebrate when reached! But if that does not seem achievable for the amount of time you’ve chosen to fundraise, or if you want to raise more, feel free to make these work for you.
Whatever you raise truly makes a difference – and we want you to feel that reality, especially if you can reach your goal! And in truth, you can always raise your fundraising goal should you reach it sooner than you were expecting – and, hey, that’s always exciting!

Yes – we have lots! If you haven’t already, check out the Fundraising Tips on our Fundraising Toolkit page. We also send many directly to you via email once you’ve signed up to fundraise (yes, this is a non-shameless plug). And you can always email us at fundraise@heifer.org should you have a specific question in mind. Bottom line: we’re here to help you succeed! Because when you’re successful that means more of our project participants have better opportunities, better nutrition, and better lives.

Yes. We believe in stewardship and accountability and we aim to share both with you. We also want to send you fundraising tips and some fun along the way! And most importantly – we want you to know how valuable you are to us. Most of our communication with you will be via email, but we may send something meaningful Should you not want this for any reason, feel free to unsubscribe and we will respect your wishes. And value you just the same.

We always love to celebrate our fundraisers! And there are all kinds of reasons why we might want to celebrate you – cool story, wildly successful, fun videos, or we just want to ask people to help you reach your goal. If you would send us an original version of any photos you use to fundraise@heifer.org, this will make it easier for us to amplify your efforts. And we would greatly appreciate it!

Due to security reasons, we do not have access to your password. But resetting your password can easily be done by typing in your email address you used when setting up the page and clicking ‘Forgot Password’ on the Log In page. If you have any questions at all, please email us at fundraise@heifer.org. We’re happy to help

Unless specified in a specific campaign, all money raised through your efforts will go toward the entire mission of Heifer International, and will be used where it is needed most. What you raise helps provide sustainable solutions to small-scale farmers in the communities where we work. If you're interested in learning more about our impact, we’d love to share.

We love that! Though online fundraising is safe, quick, and easy – we totally get that sending a money order or check is the way to go for some. We have an Offline Donation Form available on every fundraising page that can be easily downloaded and sent in with their donation. Or if they’re not able to download the form, simply encourage them to include a note of some kind with their donation that they would like to give you or your group fundraising credit. We’ll take it from there and add it to the specified page once it’s processed! Our address is:
Heifer International
Attn: Donor Services
PO Box 8058
Little Rock AR  72202

You can see events and campaigns others have created here. You can also visit our Heifer fundraising page and click "Find and Support a Team." Feel free to browse, or if you know the name of the team or event you want to support, you can type that information into the search bar.

It depends on what race you choose! There is a fundraising minimum of $500 for most of our races, which covers the cost of your race entry and online fundraising tools. For our premier events (such as the Chicago Marathon) the minimum is higher and varies by race. Regardless of the minimum, we encourage you to raise as much as you can so that we reach our ultimate finish line of ending hunger and poverty that much sooner.

Learn More About Team Heifer

Become a Fundraiser

  1. Register for Team Heifer

    Locate the Register button on the Team Heifer landing page and signup as an individual or a team. Then, select which race you would like to participate in.

  2. Create a Login

    As you register for Team Heifer, Classy will create your member profile so you can access and manage your fundraising page. You will need to provide your name, email address, create a password, and enter your birthdate. Additional information maybe required.

  3. Personalize and Share Your Page

    After you submit your information, you will be taken to your fundraising page. Now it’s time to personalize and share your page with your network. Click the Manage button to visit your Fundraiser Dashboard and learn about suggested personalization options.