Surprise someone special in your life with a gift like no other: the power to choose a life-changing gift and the experience of our work and mission.

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How will my gift be delivered?

We offer two options. You can choose to have a PDF card emailed to you; you can then print out the PDF and deliver the card yourself. Or, you can choose to email an ecard to your recipient directly.

How can the gift card be used?

When the gift card is redeemed, your recipient will be provided with the rewarding experience of selecting a life-changing animal from the Heifer Gift Catalog. The majority of Heifer animals are available for redemption. The recipient also has the opportunity to learn more about Heifer's work and the positive impact these gifts make on the lives of families around the world.

Is this a good gift for children?

Absolutely! The gift card online redemption experience is engaging for any age. Through our optional interactive story, children can learn about how they can make a difference with this gift. Selecting an animal from Heifer's Gift Catalog is an excellent family bonding activity.

Is my purchase of a gift card tax deductible?

Yes, by purchasing a gift card, you are making a donation to Heifer International. Heifer International is a 501 (c) 3 organization, and donations made by U.S. residents are tax deductible as allowed by law. We issue tax receipts for gifts of $10 or more. You should consult your tax professional for specific advice.

Will I be notified when my gift is redeemed?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email when your recipient redeems their gift card.

How do I redeem my gift card?

Gift cards can be redeemed at